by Zaga Zaga

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released February 12, 2017

Recorded by Gad Torrefranca @ Polar Studios
Mixed & Mastered by Jack Shirley @ The Atomic Garden Studios
Artwork by Guy Offenbach and Ojeng



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Zaga Zaga Tel Aviv Yafo, Israel

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Track Name: Black T
I wanna wear a black T
Just like the one I got on me

Made in the Mandarin dynasty of Han
By a labored boy, his face was numb, his name was Chung
But when I put it on, I see the truth is just a lie
His life was no joke - like his death on the factory floor

Less is more, Less is less
Don't blame me, it's from a 2nd hand store!
Track Name: Get Stuff Done
I get stuff done
I get stuff done
I get stuff done
And then I do some more

Holy shit there’s tons of stuff to do
Pressure’s on, gotta get things done right now!

Check! Done! No more!

All the roads have been traveled, nothing left to live for

Holy shit, there’s nothing left to do
Life goes on, give me a goal

I get stuff done
And then some other stuff
Track Name: Stay At Home
Crazy rat, never sleeps right
In the pit, isolated

I’m not taking part of socializing, it’s nothing but a waste of time
I’d rather put my head under the pillow – and let the circus go on

Stay at home, Lock the door, Read a book, Write a song

I’m not taking part of socializing, it’s nothing but a waste of time
I’d rather put my head under the pillow – and let the circus go on
Track Name: Heroin Youth
Stick the needle into your vein
Get on the wagon and crash like a train
Be a drone, act like a machine
Get hooked on the substance – until you’re unseen

Go to heaven
Straight to hell
Live in limbo

Replace your life and squeeze it in
Call it anything – it’s HEROIN

Legalize heroin so we could all die from an overdose
Track Name: Razorblade Razorblade
Razorblade, cutting through my facial hair
Tearing off that mask of mine
I don’t want to be a child

Cutting off years off my face
Cutting my hair from my skin

Knife knife! Razorblade!
Cut cut! Slash and shave!
Track Name: Cancer Man
Caring and thinking too much might lead to
Tumors and heartaches –it’s a weird disease
This is mental, you can call it depression

The intonation is unstable
The melody is monotone
Repeating words is a second nature
Who’s that? It’s the cancer man!
Dying slowly every day
Track Name: Animal House
The milking cow doesn’t need your ideas
It’s too busy reaping the fruits
In darkest yards, the dogs will bark
On greasy pigs, threatening to crush the barracks

The chain of strength is here to stay, but not your way
Just like a needle in the bush, a stack of hay
Track Name: Business Business
Maybe next time you’ll try harder

Wear your tie
Dry them eyes
Drain your mind
Body in motion

Clocked in
Clocked out
Day in
Day out

Business business!
Maybe next time you’ll try harder
Track Name: Octopus Octopus
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 arms
And still I can’t hold an instrument
Still I can’t work at a bar
Still I can’t get a grip, with eight arms

Dropping balls, breaking plates
Auto erotic asphyxiation and masturbate
Lots of possibilities with eight limbs
Lots of opportunities to fail at everything

Please don’t stare
This is rude
Please don’t stare
Octopus! Octopus!

Choking myself eight times harder
Track Name: Eraserheads
Don’t change the channel, informatize
Stationary exploding eyes

Half a dozen – choke
Towering up smoke
Here’s a wall, you’re welcomed to step forth and bash your face
Headlight ahead, don’t switch topics
Wave hello! Wave goodbye! Set the clocks, it’s time to fry!

Change the channel
Eraserheads are now live
Track Name: Kiss It Goodbye
I put my whole damn pocket on sharp edge deer horns
Kiss it goodbye, it’s gut and gone

I dug myself a hole
And I’m stuck from bottom up
Throw me a rope
Kick me back in